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    Fairport - leaders in farm management software for agriculture, viticulture and horticulture... ... for Technical Excellence in Production Recording Software for the second time. ... prize awarded in the Production Recording Software section of "The Australian" ... ... the Australian ma...
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    Activa Asset Management software is an enterprise asset register system incorporating physical asset tracking, revaluation, valuation, asset splitting, lease accounting, equity finance accounting, capital budgeting, capital work in progress, electronic eprocurement, FX reporting and specialising ...
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    Applix provides Business Performance Management software for budgeting software, forecasting software and planning software based upon TM1 an OLAP server... Applix's budgeting, planning and forecasting software manages and monitors performance across the enterprise on a single platform... Bud...
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    Thousands of applications updated every week. Stay up to date with daily IT news as it happens... "This makes software distribution virtual, " Olaf Manczak, a senior staff engineer ... tool for the end user, and as a software distribution model for the vendor. ... ... a pioneer of busin...