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Also Visited For the past 17 years, Medical Wizard has been providing a well featured software solution that covers the full spectrum of practice management and electronic health records requirements of Day Hospitals and Specialist Practices to save you money and improve profits. From the moment the phone rings at your practice to the point where the end of the year financials are prepared, Medical Wizard will provide you with timely information, flexible reporting, automated processes, simplified billing rules and a host of other tools to improve efficiency of your practice and enable you to devote more time in growing your business. Medical Wizard comes with fully integrated modules so that you only have to pay for what you want and when you want. Here are the main Modules of Medical Wizard 1. Accounts, Billing and Patient Management Module with Automated Billing rules and ability to manage unlimited number of practices within one database 2. Multi Doctor/ Multiple Location Appointments Scheduling Module with optional marketing statistics for laser surgeries and plastic surgeries 3. Doctors Clinical Desktop module that provides a fully integrated Electronic Medical Record 4. Federal and State Government reporting compliance module that covers reporting to State Health Departments, DVA, PHDB and Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP). 5. Eclipse Online claiming module for Medicare, DVA and health fund Eligibility checking and Online claiming / receipting 6. Two way SMS communications module that automatically confirm appointments based on patient SMS replies 7. Fully Automated DRG software link Module to DRG software provided by 3M and VisaSys 8. Point and Click Automated Gastroenterology reporting & statics software (ScribeWiz) with extensive flexibility and practitioner specific reporting data. 9. Barcode and OCR enabled Document Management Module that helps you to achieve Paperless goals at your practice 10. Business Process Management Module for Cosmetic Surgeries and Laser Surgeries to easily manage the conversion process from sales prospects to confirmed bookings 11. Portable high resolution Image capture Module for Gastroenterologists and Cosmetic Surgeons with automated image insertion to reports / letters 12. Fast, Efficient and Automated Secure Emailing module that seamlessly links with Argus, Health Link and other email service providers. Medical Wizard is an extensively customisable solution that fits in to the way you operate your business instead of you having to adjust to Medical Wizard. Many report / document layouts totally customised to your requirements free of charge by our capable support team. Your calls for support are answered by our support team in person (you don’t have to talk to answering machines or voice response systems). Our support team will quickly log your questions and issues are in to our state of the art support service management system and provide you with proper solutions in a short space of time. Also it is reassuring for you to know that Medical Wizard is a product that is developed, marketed and supported right here in Australia with a 17 year track record. Medical Wizard has the maturity, stability and agility to meet your specific and unique needs and wishes. In summary, the team of dedicated caring Medical Wizard support professionals and the extensive functionality & flexibility that is built in to Medical Wizard, readily translates in to benefits for your practice at all levels. Medical Wizard – It is not just a software package, but a complete solution.


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